Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why should I use a VCS?

Ohh crap my data is gone


gone_in_sixty_secondsI did it! I worked on my super cool new iPhone app that will upgrade my bank account status. I’m on my way to brag it to my friends and on my way the laptop fell down and.. Ohh CRAP! My hard drive is dead! What should I do? Take it to the trash? Or pay  a lot of money to restore it? and that also does not work in 100% of the cases.

Huge bug – Let’s go back!

bugThis time on my way to show off my cool app to my friend I didn’t break anything, but my dear friend found a critical bug on the new feature I just added, I wanted to put it on the app store today, but it will take me three days to take the feature down because it has a lot of dependencies. Also I know it will take me four days to fix it so it will be a waste of time to work Continue reading